"Invigilate" 2005 "Environment" 2006 "Looking out of the window" 2006 "Interception" 2007 "Interception 2" 2008
"InterceptionExtended" 2008 "Panopticon" 2008 "Political-spam" 2008 "InterceptionLinz" 2009 "Pornea" 2009
"Detection" 2010 "Interception 3" 2011 "Interception 4" 2011 "Interception 5" 2012 "Detection II" 2012


Roch Forowicz was born in 1978 in Warsaw, Poland. In 2005, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Studio of Multimedia Artistic Creation at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. Since 2007, he has been working as an assistant at the Inter-University Studio of Multimedia Artistic Creation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Organising Upgrade!Warsaw since 2007. Curator and co-founder of 2.0 gallery in Warsaw. Participant of many expositions and festivals, such as FILE festival (BR), HAIP Festival (SI), Liwoli09 (AT), Paraflows 09 (AT), Urban Research (DE), Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej - Zamek Ujazdowski (PL), Komuna Otwock, Entropia, STUDIO, WEF, Krytyka Polityczna etc.
Through his artistic activity, Roch Forowicz refers to the ‘city surveillance’ culture – constant supervision by means of CCTV and data processing and filing software and devices.His activity is radical, often characterised by illegal ‘hacktivist’ interventions, consisting in intercepting and using technological devices against their creators’ will.



Selected exhibitions/festivals:

2004 e w n s Visual Arts Festival, "Invigilate - video"
2005 Rhizome, "Invigilate"
2005 Turbulence, "Invigilate"
2006 FILE Rio Symposium, "Invigilate"
2006 Turbulence, "Environment"
2006 FILE Sao Paulo, "Environment"
2006 Turbulence, "Looking out of the window"
2007 Centre for Contemporary Art – Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, CONCRETE LEGACY FROM CORBUSIER TO BLOKERS,
"Invigilate", "Looking out of the window" (exhibition curated by Ewa Gorządek, Stach Szabłowski).
2007 Turbulence, " Interception"
2007 Rhizome, "Interception"
2007 neural.it, "Interception"
2008 SUDIO Gallery, "Interception" (exhibition curated by Krzysztof Żwirblis).
2008 Entropia Gallery, Athletic cinema 02, "Interception" (curated by Krzysztof Gufrański).
2008 Chain reaction (Upgrade!International), Skopje, "Interception".
2008 HAIP Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia, "Interception", "InterceptionExtended".
2008 CologneOFF, "Interception".
2008 Komuna Otwock, "Interception",."Interception 2","InterceptionExtended".
2008 WEF-Warsaw Electronic Festival,"Interception","Interception 2","InterceptionExtended".
2009 International Guerrilla Video Festival, Dublin, "Interception 2".
2009 Liwoli09 - hacklab for art and open source, Linz, "InterceptionLinz".
2009 Paraflows - URBAN HACKING, Vienna, "InterceptionLinz".
2009 WEFCON - Warsaw Electronic Festival, Zacheta, "Interception".
2010 Urban Research, Berlin, "Interception".
2010 WEF - Warsaw Electronic Festival, "Detection"
2010 Open City festival, Lublin, "Detection" (curated by Krzysztof Żwirblis).
2011 V Festival IN OUT, Centre for Contemporary Art – Łaźnia, Gdańsk, "Detection" (curated by Michał Brzeziński).
2011 Club 1500m, Panoptykon Night, "Interception 4 – visual".
2011 WEF - Warsaw Electronic Festival, „Interception 4 – visual".
2012 B.Y.O.B Poland, Warsaw, "Interception 4" (curated by Weronika Lewandowska).
2012 The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music (UMFC), visual „OPTICON” for Edward Sielicki concert.
2012 The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music (UMFC), intervention, ”INTERCEPTION V”.
2012 STUDIO Gallery, Long Night of Museums, ”INTERCEPTION IV” (curated by: Krzysztof Żwirblis).
2012 VI Festival IN OUT, Centre for Contemporary Art – Łaźnia, Gdańsk, ”INTERCEPTION V”.
2012 National Audiovisual Institute (NInA), Culture 2.0, ”INTERCEPTION IV”,”DETECTION II” (curated by: Agnieszka Słodownik).
2012 WEFCON - Warsaw Electronic Festival, “OPTICON”,”INTERCEPTION V".