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Detection II (2012)

The “Detection” project consists in registering the emission of heat produced by the humans bodies and by the architecture. Thermovision technology permits detection and imaging of changes in heat radiation emitted by physical bodies. Project reflects the issue of potential infiltration of further levels of our private lives. Through precise scanning of changes in body temperature we can effectively register physiological correlates accompanying emotional states which might result from religious elation, illness, nervousness, fear or sexual arousal.
Project is a multi-channels video projection displayed simultaneously in the gallery room. Each projection channel display frames presenting communication centres – architecture and moving silhouettes of people. This would result in detection of the actual anomalies that make an individual or a group of people act at a given moment in a manner that is different than usual or different from others’ behaviour.

The soundtrack was composed by Hubert Napiórski, on the basis of recordings made at the locations where video material was registered and on “Solfeggio frequencies” used so as to provide subliminal stimulation of the audience.

Hubert Napiórski

Thanks to Techmadex S.A.


Roch Forowicz was born in 1978 in Warsaw, Poland. In 2005, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Studio of Multimedia Artistic Creation at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. Since 2007, he has been working as an assistant at the Inter-University Studio of Multimedia Artistic Creation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Organising Upgrade!Warsaw since 2007. Curator and co-founder of 2.0 gallery in Warsaw. Participant of many expositions and festivals, such as FILE festival (BR), HAIP Festival (SI), Liwoli09 (AT), Paraflows 09 (AT), Urban Research (DE), Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej - Zamek Ujazdowski (PL), Komuna Otwock, Entropia, STUDIO, WEF, Krytyka Polityczna etc.

Through his artistic activity, Roch Forowicz refers to the ‘city surveillance’ culture – constant supervision by means of CCTV and data processing and filing software and devices.His activity is radical, often characterised by illegal ‘hacktivist’ interventions, consisting in intercepting and using technological devices against their creators’ will.


Project supported by MSM (UMFC) and by the Faculty of Graphic Arts (ASP in Warsaw)




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