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„Interception 3” 2011

Vandalism against surveillance

The „Interception” series of actions consists in illegal interception of CCTV cameras monitoring urban areas. The intercepted CCTV cameras are then used in order to raise public awareness of the growing issues of social surveillance implemented by means of technological devices -„Surveillance Culture”.

This time the action involved the use of a remote control robot constructed by the author himself. The robot enabled monitoring of the location of a security officer who supervised the part of the residential area concerned. Such a solution permitted to carry out an effective intervention at the perfect time.

The robot had been designed and constructed at home with the use of the generally available technology (shops selling model kits, CCTV devices, electrical appliances, metal and aluminium strips). No construction elements (subassemblies) had been purchased with the use of a credit card and their selection had not been discussed on online forums, which made potential identification of the creator of such a device significantly more difficult.

The action was illegal.


Roch Forowicz was born in 1978 in Warsaw, Poland. In 2005, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Studio of Multimedia Artistic Creation at the Faculty of Graphic Arts. Since 2007, he has been working as an assistant at the Inter-University Studio of Multimedia Artistic Creation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Organising Upgrade!Warsaw since 2007. Curator and co-founder of 2.0 gallery in Warsaw. Participant of many expositions and festivals, such as FILE festival (BR), HAIP Festival (SI), Liwoli09 (AT), Paraflows 09 (AT), Urban Research (DE), Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej - Zamek Ujazdowski (PL), Komuna Otwock, Entropia, STUDIO, WEF, Krytyka Polityczna etc.

Through his artistic activity, Roch Forowicz refers to the ‘city surveillance’ culture – constant supervision by means of CCTV and data processing and filing software and devices.His activity is radical, often characterised by illegal ‘hacktivist’ interventions, consisting in intercepting and using technological devices against their creators’ will.


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